Native Deodorant

Native Deodorant is one e-commerce success story that not only is interesting but one that you can learn a lot from. How did one online store go from $0 to being acquired by Procter & Gamble for $100 Million in just 2 and a half years?

What’s even more baffling is that the brand only had 1 product at the time of acquisition. Yes, you heard it right, ONE product. Even more so, at the same time, the entire company employed no more than 8 people!

The answer is written in more than just 2 lines, and the company knew how to focus their efforts on making the brand what it is today!

But before we get into that, let’s get to know them first.

Who are they? Who is behind their success?

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Moiz Ali, an entrepreneur with a degree in law, is the man behind this whole operation.

Before he founded the company, he was a co-founder @ Caskers and exited when he could with a lot of profit. His journey at Caskers taught him a lot of things that were very crucial to the success of Native Deodorant later on.

Some of the things he took from his experience at Caskers include how they built the company very frugally since they couldn’t acquire any funding.

Moiz Ali did some things that normally wouldn’t cross your mind. For example, when they were setting up Caskers a few years back, he knew that Apple users were more likely to spend money on their website.

So, what did he do?

He went to Best Buy stores and loaded their websites on all Apple computers he could find. He also relied on word-of-mouth since they couldn’t afford a marketing budget at the time, which turned out to be quite beneficial for the whole company.

This should give you an idea of what type of entrepreneur Moiz Ali is, the type that doesn’t give up and can make a profit with whatever he has. Let’s see how he applied this in his second adventure, Native Deodorant.

How did Native Deodorant Succeed?

As we said earlier, there was more than just 1 step that leads to the success of this online store. So, let’s check out everything they did and did right!

  • Feedback Loop

Ali and his team knew that their products weren’t the best, they knew they were mediocre and generally okay. They also knew that in order to push their brand forward, they need a way to improve their products.

This is where the customers come in handy. Ali knew that product development is a never-ending process.

Customer Surveys are the best way to ensure you know everything that you’re doing right and wrong, whether it is about the product itself, the service, the website, or anything.

There is actually more than just that when you survey your own customers. It’s not only helping you improve your product and brand as a whole, but it also saves you from a lot of bad reviews and from having one-time customers.

A dissatisfied customer will leave a bad review and will never buy again from you, and that’s 1 more lead you just lost forever.

This is how they did it:

  • Communication with Unsatisfied Customers
  • Sending Out Samples to Customers for Feedback
  • Getting Feedback from Every Customer
  • Quality Content

The team behind Native Deodorant knew how passive marketing works, and they took advantage of it.

What does this mean?

The first time you see or hear about Native Deodorant isn’t going to be a direct ad made to make you buy the product, it could be an innocent review that you see on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere basically.

You might stick around to see the video or read what’s written, you may not like the product or its price. But what you don’t know is that now the product is in the back of your head and you will start unconsciously thinking about it whenever the topic of deodorant is brought up.

This is all the brand needs for you to make the purchase the 2nd and 3rd time you see them and their ads.

  • Retargeting

Now that you’ve seen or heard of the product, it’s time to show it to you one more time.

Native Deodorant relied on Facebook ads to make sure they reach all the people who may have had an interest in their content or in their website, and we all know how good Facebook is at targeting people.

This time you’re looking at an ad instead of a review! And since you’ve seen the product before, it looks familiar, which makes you a lot more likely to click on the ad and make the purchase than if you’ve just been subjected to the ad for the first time.

But would you have the purchase at this point? Native Deodorant wants to try one more thing!

  • The Last Push

Not everyone will make the purchase just from seeing the ad! Yes, now you’re thinking of the product more than ever but you may still not be convinced.

This is where email marketing comes in handy!

If you’ve entered the website and have entered your email, then Native Deodorant knows exactly how to reach you!

The email simply reminds you that you abandoned your cart, nothing more, nothing less! If you made the purchase, good, if you didn’t, you’ll receive another email 4 days later telling you how much you’ll love the product, hoping you’ll finally cave in! And in most cases, people do!

But that’s not all, Native Deodorant knows the importance of email marketing, and they are notorious at it.

Once you make the purchase, you receive an order confirmation email, then a shipping email, then another email updating you of the whereabouts of your item. All of this makes you very excited to receive your deodorant.

This brand sends out some of the best and easiest to read emails I’ve ever seen. Although sometimes they get up close and personal, their emails are still a lot of fun to read.

Here are some examples:

  • Focus on Repeat Purchases

Deodorants aren’t something you buy only once; that’s why it is very important you get repeat purchases.

When you’re selling a product like deodorant, you measure your success by the percentage of repeat purchasers you have made. When a customer comes back for a 2nd and 3rd time, it means that they love your product and have grown accustomed to your service, as well as to like it!

Not only that, but loyal customers are also one of the best and most honest ways to market your product. They tell their friends about their experience with the deodorant and your brand as a whole, which is very likely to convince people to buy from you!

Only repeat buyers recommend to their friends!

It needs no explanation that when you have a high repeat-purchase rate, you don’t need to acquire those customers again since they already know about you. Saving you a lot of money on marketing.

  • Focus on Analytics & Customers

Analytics is a very vital part of any business or brand. They allow you to learn about your product in ways you never thought were possible.

Thanks to analytics, Native Deodorant was able to learn which scents drove the most repeat purchases, which days were best to send out emails to customers and potential customers, and finally how often people need to buy their products.

Analytics proved to be the best way to get to know your customers in order to give them the best experience possible, which really makes Native Deodorant a customer-driven company.

  • Paid Ads

Social Media ads are no joke, and Native Deodorant knew how to use them for their own advantage.

Using Facebook targeting to reach the people who may be interested in the product was a very smart move that leads to acquiring tons of new and recurring customers.

The team also targeted customers on:

Another reason why ads worked so well for them was that the team constantly changed and tested new ad formulas. Changes that ranged from images, text, capitalization, format, and so on. They tried everything until they finally found the right formula that brought them the most customers.

  • Influencer Marketing

Native Deodorant also didn’t miss out on Influencer Marketing. They know that people idealize celebrities and content creators, and what better way to get your product out there than to work with those people!

As you can see, the hashtag #nativedeodorant has over 5000 posts on Instagram alone. The posts are comprised of satisfied customers, as well as paid deals with influencers on the platform!

These are some paid videos and pictures posted by influencers on Instagram:

These posts are still very recent, which means that even after the company was acquired by Procter, they still used the same business strategies since they were very lucrative.

Final Thoughts

Native Deodorant knew exactly how to make a profit since day 1. They made sure that every move they did was profitable for them, and weren’t afraid of expanding and of trying new formulas.

Although they had a small team that consisted of only 8 people at the time, they knew how to harness and focus their efforts on what really matters and what would actually bring them profit.

Moiz’s experience with Caskers was one of the reasons he knew how to deal with founding a new brand and taking it to the success that it is today!

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