BlendJet Case Study

One of the biggest problems that one may face when running a B2C company/brand is that they are losing potential customers all the time. But it’s not all bad news! After all, the more people that know about you, the easier it is for you to turn them into paying customers at some point.

It all depends on how much money and resources you’ve spent on acquiring those new visitors. If they are organic, then you have lost nothing at all. But if they’re coming from paid ads, then you might want to work on a better strategy that’ll push them into actually purchasing something from you, instead of leaving your online store after a few seconds of scrolling and browsing.

The problem with most online stores is that they lose around 97% of their website visitors! So, how do you turn your visitors into customers? There are a lot of ways you can do that, and BlendJet has used quite a few of them!

So, who are the sensational BlendJet and why is everyone talking about them?

BlendJet is a San Francisco startup that was founded by Ryan Pamplin, and John Zheng. After Ryan Pamplin suffered from a traumatic brain injury, he realized that he should start taking his health and wellness more seriously. And what better way to do that than to start eating healthy.

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When Ryan reached out to his former colleague, John, the idea that he wanted to create something that would help people live longer, and healthier. And that is how BlendJet was born in 2018.

BlendJet is an online store that specializes in the making and selling of portable blenders that will allow people to make healthy smoothies, shakes, margaritas, as well as baby food whenever and wherever they are. This is one way you allow people to make healthy food instead of going to whatever’s available in the market.

BlendJet has been successful in marketing their products, and by using the right tools were able to increase their revenue by more than 37%.

So, how did they do it exactly?

John and Ryan are not your average online store owners, and that goes back to the fact they are open to trying new things. Something that did not let them down, and has, in fact, allowed them to generate a lot more revenue than they thought they would.

BlendJet followed quite a few strategies that allowed them to increase their revenue by that much! Let’s discover them!

1. Using OptiMonk

BlendJet was not afraid to try out new strategies and to implement new ways to turn their visitors into customers. This is why they gave OptiMonk a try.

  • Remind Cart Abandoners

Studies have shown that around 7 out of every 10 visitors usually abandon their cart and never actually make the purchase. This is why, with the help of OptiMonk, they added a feature that reminded their cart abandoners of their shopping items, and even offered them a 10% discount to encourage them to make the buy!

When the visitor is about to leave the checkout page, they are met by a popup that asked them to join the newsletter and gave them a 10% off. Not only did they encourage visitors to complete the purchase, but they also got them subscribed to the newsletter.

  • Give More 10% Discounts

BlendJet realized the power of discounts, and decided to use them on more than just one occasion!

When someone is on the product page and still hasn’t made the decision to buy yet, they are once again met with a popup offering them a 10% discount.

This popup allowed them to increase sales by 20% in the US and 13% outside the US.

This isn’t the only other case in which they offered this discount! In the first few seconds of browsing through their website, you are met with a small nanobar at the bottom of the page that gives you the same discount.

Nanobars are a great idea because you can scroll through and navigate the website without being interrupted or disturbed, yet it’s always there to let you know that the offer exists!

Of course, the visitor always has the option to easily get rid of the nanobar in case it caused any distraction.

2. Using Photo Reviews

One of the best and most authentic ways to have someone vouch for your product is using Photo Reviews.

No number of stars or comments are going to tell the real story behind how your customers are using your products. This is where photo reviews come in handy!

There is no way a brand can pay 100s of people around the globe to pose with their product in different situations and scenarios and pretend that they actually like it. Somewhere down the line, at least one of those people will talk and spill the whole tea.

There is one way though! It’s by encouraging your real customers into posting photo reviews of your product while they’re using it. It’s authentic, it’s real, and it reflects what your customers really think about your product.

How did BlendJet encourage their customers to post Photo Reviews?


Whenever someone made a purchase, they are offered a $5 coupon on their next purchase. Not only did this move encourage customers to make photo reviews, but it also pushed them into making the 2nd purchase, generating repeat buyers!

Once they had a handful of photo reviews, BlendJet was able to put together a photo gallery made entirely out of the photos posted by their customers showcasing their product in real life, in different parts of the world!

3. Knowing How to Act During Times of COVID

One of the best things that BlendJet did during the Covid-19 pandemic was that they didn’t become greedy! Instead, they tried reaching out more to their community knowing that everyone was under a lot of stress!

BlendJet was already known throughout the different social media platforms for their videos and video ads. They were everywhere and had over 1 billion unique views in just 1 year.

When the pandemic hit, they continued to regularly upload videos to their different platforms and didn’t primarily focus on monetizing them or pushing people to buy their products.

BlendJet was trying to help out and inspire people to start making their own healthy food and smoothies at home, no matter what brand their blender was, said Ryan Pamplin! The goal was to spread positivity.

Even more so, BlendJet added free 2-day shipping to their platform to encourage people to buy their blenders and start preparing their own meals at home. At first, the top of their website had a banner that said “Free Two-Day Shipping”.

After they changed it to “Free Two-Day Shipping During COVID-19”, they noticed that their sales jumped drastically and their conversion rate was flying through the roof.

All of this shows that communication is key, and a brand that is always keeping an eye on their communication strategy and always making the right changes and updates is one that is bound to be successful.

4. Using Messenger Marketing

When Ryan was talking to one of the representatives at Shopify, the latter suggested the business tried using Recart, a tool that, at the time, Ryan and John had never heard of before. Ryan was also told that by the representative that Recart was “the number one thing to use aside from just using Shopify Plus”, and that “the best-kept secret is Recart”.

Ryan and John decided to give it a try since it came from the actual people at Shopify. The duo was not disappointed at all, as the tool started to get them ROI immediately.

Finally, BlendJet built a second channel that helped them either gain new customers or turn visitors into ones!

Remember the nanobar we talked about? Well, they didn’t just use it to collect emails, and instead used it to collect and grow their Facebook Messenger list as well!

How they did it?

Since BlendJet started using Recart for Messenger, they decided to start sending their 10% discount to Facebook Messenger instead of email in the case the visitor was logged into their Facebook account in the same browser.

For that, they used a tool called Smart Display. This tool has a very simple task, which is to detect whether a visitor is connected to their Facebook account or not. If they are connected, then it shows the Messenger icon, if they aren’t connected, then it gives them the option to enter their email address. Simple!

But that’s not all!

Since you’re not allowed to just start spamming people in their Facebook Messenger inbox, you needed an opt-in! There are many ways to ask your visitors to opt-in to your messages, and one of the best of them all is popups, which is exactly what BlendJet decided to go for.

Using Recart allows you to seamlessly integrate both Messenger and Email subscriptions with your popups. This is extremely helpful if you’d like to ask your visitors to subscribe to either Messenger or Email.

The way integrating Messenger is helpful is that the visitors no longer have to enter their email address, which is one of the reasons you are losing a lot of subscribers in the first place. Subscribing to Messenger only requires them to make a single action, which is to click on the CTA button.

What next?

Once a customer has subscribed to Messenger, they are sent a text message with the 10% discount code. More than that, when the visitor abandons their cart, they are reminded of it and reminded that they have a 10% discount if they ever wish to finish making their purchase.

Visitors are reminded twice that they abandoned their cart. First time 1 hour after, and 2nd time 23 hours after.

But that’s not all!

Recart is much more capable than just to remind people of their abandoned carts, and BlendJet knew just the right way to use it!

Remember Photo Reviews?

Well, BlendJet started using Recart to send Messenger messages to their customers encouraging them to make a photo review, either offering them a discount, coupon code, or a chance to win $100.

They integrated Recart and Loox in order to facilitate making and posting photo reviews. Thanks to this process, BlendJet now has over 6000 product photo reviews all over the Internet. Is there a better way to gain customer-trust nowadays?

Recart alone has been responsible for generating more than $1,500,000 of extra sales for BlendJet, with more than $520,000 of that revenue made from abandoned cart recovery alone!

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